(ON HOLD) Write Your Book With Obsidian

Preslav Rachev
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NOTE: The book is currently on hold. I am evaluating options to continue the writing process, which is why I have still listed it here. You can show interest in the book by buying an extremely early edition of the book for 0.99+ (you can name your price), but I cannot guarantee when, or if, the book will get released. However, if it does get released, you are guaranteed a full copy.

Obsidian offers a fresh way of building a digital extension to your brain in the form of simple note-taking and linking across notes. Ever since it first appeared online, I have been using it to keep track of my goals, journal my experience, gather research, and, last but not least, write all my books with it.

Obsidian is an indispensable tool for writing a book, a research paper, or just about anything worth publishing. It offers a comprehensive way of organizing notes and linking them in a deep knowledge graph. And yet, for the most part, Obsidian notes are just pure text. You can apply version control and track changes using simple source control solutions like git. Again, because notes are just text, you can publish them into a beautiful book bundle when you write down your first sentence.

This guide will show interested readers how to set up an Obsidian workspace, organize research notes, and put a book together using GitHub version control and Leanpub publishing.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone interested in writing, regardless of their writing skills or the volume of their writing. If you are just starting, don't let the title discourage you. When I say "book," I mean anything longer than a couple of sentences that you think is worth being read by others.

You would need a certain level of essential technical skills, but I have tried to make the book accessible enough to the largest group of people possible. Obsidian can be overwhelming to people outside of the Productivity or Knowledge Management circles. By default, it is a tool targeting a more technically savvy audience. However, I do not expect you to have an idea about Markdown, Wikilinks, tagging, or other concepts known from further research and productivity tools. These are some things I will try to shed some more light on as we go along with the book. As a reader of this book, you should not feel like there is a single point where you feel lost. If it does happen to be the case, feel free to share your feedback with me, and I will incorporate it in future versions of the book.

This product is not currently for sale.
Available on December 1st, 12PM CET
  • The eBook guide, along with access to the Obsidian vault I used to write it.

  • DRM-Free
  • Format
    PDF, ePub, and mobi
  • Obsidian vault included
  • Refunds
    30 days after purchase (send me an email explaining your reason)
  • The eBook guide, along with access to the Obsidian vault I used to write it.
  • DRM-FreeYes
  • FormatPDF, ePub, and mobi
  • Obsidian vault includedYes
  • Refunds30 days after purchase (send me an email explaining your reason)
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