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Set Up Your Mac for Software Development

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I suppose I have always been an Apple fanboy of sorts. I grew up in an environment entirely devoid of their products, wishing for the day I would be able to afford my own Mac. From the moment I laid my hands on my first MacBook back in 2010, a beautiful friendship sprung and continues until today.

Macs are the closest to having a powerful UNIX machine with the macOS ecosystem's added media and productivity boost. Naturally, this makes the Mac a desired companion for many software developers and IT professionals.

While the default setup provides a good starting point, a few tweaks can turn any Mac into a robust development and productivity workstation.

This book collects more than a decade of my own experience setting up Macs for software development. It's a process that goes on all the time as the ecosystem evolves, so this book is not an end destination but a continuous journey.

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Set Up Your Mac for Software Development

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